Hello Again

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Hello, hola, moshi moshi, goedendag, dia dut, bonjour, and shalom. I can’t seem to decide where to host my blog, can I? The good news is that I plan to keep things the way they are for a long time to come, so you can bet the rest of my posts will become much more static. This means less 301s and 404s for you and me both.

I also plan on posting in the near future the issues I’ve been facing and why my blog has moved so much, considering I post very little content on it. But it’s an important little side project for me to manage in my spare time so I’d like to continue on with it as much as I can. I’ve also been working on some other side projects, mostly Twitch related, which I’ll be releasing more information about shortly as well.

Until then, feel free to follow me on TwitterTwitchInstagramLastFM, and Trakt. I also plan on adding a few more tools to my Github soon too (it’s somewhat barren right now). Until then!