Looking Forward: 2020

Looking Forward: 2020

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As much as I enjoyed 2019, I am thoroughly looking forward to what 2020 has to offer. I honestly don’t even know where to begin due to my scatter-brained excitement, so apologies if this post seems a bit unstructured.

To start with, I’m not one who typically likes to lay out goals at the start of the new year, but this year is different. Due to the past couple of years, and the issues I’ve had to deal with, I feel like I’ve fallen behind. I’ve had to stop doing the things that I typically love due to stress, anxiety, lack of energy, lack of time, lack of finances, etc. It makes me feel like I have to get caught up and back to a normal physical and mental state, as well as achieve the overwhelming amount of goals I want to accomplish. The best advice I am telling myself is to do it in small steps.

So what exactly are some things I would like to get done in 2020?

First off, I’d like to work on the quality of my character. I have plenty of vices and I try my best to overcome them. However sometimes my bad habits still make it out, and in short, I can end up being a colossal jerk to those that care about me the most. With my inability to focus and listen, lack of patience, and my preference to run away from problems rather than dealing with them, it will be a tall order to fill. But these poor traits have been plaguing me the majority of my life, and it’s time I at least try and improve myself.

Secondly, I would love to get back into more writing. That includes both the creative writing that I’ve always done on the side that you may have not even known about, as well as writing blog articles on this site and elsewhere. These are big aspirations, but I would love to have enough original written content by the end of the year so that I can publish a small book in 2021. It would be a collection of short stories, poems, original quotes and thoughts, and everything else that falls under that umbrella of creative writing. Additionally, I would love to have at least one article written for a mainstream/popular publication, digital or physical.

And a fun one here! I want so much to get back into streaming video game content on Twitch. Back when I was doing it regularly, I had an absolute blast and met the coolest people ever. So as of now, my plan is to slowly start streaming again – most likely once a week – and see where it goes. Along with that, I plan on doing dual streams with my girlfriend squiddol who is a streamer as well (albeit on a hiatus for now). Not only that, but I also plan on just being more involved in the Twitch community, such as simply watching more streams and being more interactive in other streamers’ channels. I really miss finding friendships via Twitch. I have will more specific details on this soon!

This next one is certainly one I’m not very familiar with, as I’ve been horrible about it since forever, but I would love to be a lot more active on social networks – namely Instagram and Twitter. I’m not entirely sure how I’ll do this one; perhaps set up some sort of reminder or schedule to keep me on track. If you have any suggestions or tips for this, I’d love to hear them, so sound off in the comments of the post!

Next up is try and get my side-project Glitched I created actually off and running, because I personally think it’s a really rad idea, though I’ve only done a couple of interviews. Talking to musicians about their favorite video games, movies, books, etc has been fun thus far, and I’d love to do many more. This proves a bit more difficult due to me not having as many contacts as I would like when attempting to reach out to these bands, so if you can contribute in any way, let me know! Also did I mention my social anxiety severely interferes when talking to the people who I idolize?! That in itself can discourage me from pursuing this, but I plan on trying to overcome that feeling and focus more on that fear of missing out.

Now for a more important aspect of my life that I would like to improve upon is going from my current vegetarian lifestyle, to a vegan lifestyle. Not many people know this, but I used to be vegetarian for about five years. It was remarkably easy, but for that entire time, I never felt like I was making a difference. One day I randomly decided to give it up. Earlier this year however, with the plant-based items on food menus becoming more and more popular, I decided to give it a shot again, and I’ve been excited to see the amount of people hopping on board as well. Whether it’s for the ethical reasons, reducing health risks such as heart disease and cancer, avoiding toxic food contaminants, or currently the most popular cause – reducing global warming by way of lowering greenhouse gases – it’s hard to argue there being more negatives than positives. Either way, my compassion for animals is what personally drives me to the lifestyle I’ve chosen, and going even further by becoming vegan is on my map this year as well.

Lastly, one that’s not as fun to talk about but still needing to be addressed, is I’d love to not rely on prescription or OTC medications as much as I do. Between the medicine needed for my anxiety and panic attacks, acid reflux, headaches, aches and pains, and sleeping, it’s simply not healthy. Mainly, I’ve become so reliant upon Alprazolam (generic Xanax) that most of the time I don’t take it because I’m anxious or in the middle of a panic attack, but because my body goes into a state of shock when the drug is not in my system.

While there’s more I’d like to work on, and will be working on, these are the highlighted points for 2020. I posted them publicly for a blog article opportunity, but also so I can try and keep myself accountable. So when the end of 2020 rolls around, I can revisit this post and see just how much progress, or lack thereof, I made.

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