Most Popular Twitch Tags

Most Popular Twitch Tags

How to find the most popular tags on Twitch

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There wasn’t much in the way of third-party developers doing anything special with Twitch tags, which I thought was interesting considering it’s basically the hashtag function of Twitch. It’s a great way for streamers to reach viewers who otherwise would not have found their stream, and it’s a great way for viewers to find streams based on common interests. Overall, I thought it was a great addition Twitch added to its platform. Of course in its current state, it isn’t that great. Specifically not being able to search using multiple tags in a single query. As an example, there is currently no way to search on Twitch for English streams playing Resident Evil that contain the tags chill, adhd, and/or lgbtqiaplus.

This is why I created two tools: a popular tag tool, and a stream filter. You can find both of these tools over at

Popular Tags

This tool has a Top 30 Tags section and an All Tags section, which both are pretty self-explanatory. I should mention that I have excluded the language tags (e.g. English, Deutsch, Italiano, etc) due to these being forced tags Twitch uses based on the language of the streamer. Additionally, the All Tags section only counts tags that are currently being used by twenty channels or more to prevent low quality tags from being displayed. It also has a search field that helps you quickly find how much a particular tag is being used.

If you are interested, I do have an API that serves tag data: top30tags and alltags. This is a private API, so you will need to request a key from me. Please do not scrape the site for data. A typical response from the top30tags would look similar to:


Stream Filter

Another tool found here is a stream filter I created. It was very much inspired by CommanderRoot’s filter found here, so shouts out to them.

The difference here is that in addition to filtering streams by a title, game, language, and viewership, you can also search by tags. Another tag option you can choose is to use the “Include all tags” option. If this option is not checked, it performs a “fuzzy” search so for example if you search for chill, cozy then it would bring up any stream that has either of those tags. But if with the option enabled, it now becomes a more strict search and would force a stream to have both of those tags.

Reporting Issues / Change Log

At some (hopefully soon) point, I’ll have this open-source’d on GitHub where issues and PRs can be created there. Until then, if you do experience any problems with the tools, please let me know. As far as a change log, I’ll also be relying on my Mastodon account to communicate this out until I get this up on GitHub.